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Q & A's

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Q: What services does Texoma Management offer?
A: Texoma Management offers a range of property management services, including tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and accounting. We also provide marketing and advertising services to help fill vacancies quickly and efficiently.

Q: How does Texoma Management handle maintenance requests?
A: Texoma Management takes maintenance requests seriously and has a team of qualified professionals on call to handle any issues that may arise. Our online maintenance request system ensures that requests are addressed efficiently and in a timely manner.


Q: How does Texoma Management handle rent collection?

A: Texoma Management offers automated rent collection services to ensure that you receive your rental payments on time and without hassle. We also provide regular financial reports to keep you informed about your property's financial performance.

Q: What areas does Texoma Management serve?

A: Texoma Management serves a majority of the Midwest region, covering areas from Texas all the way to Montana (please see Home Page titled "Properties"). Please contact us for more information about our service areas.

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